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Meet Our Team


Maureen is the owner and president of Swept Away Cleaning. After being laid off from her job as the manager of the mail center for the local phone company in Mansfield, Ohio, she decided to start her own company in 2009. Within a year, she had hired several cleaning technicians and was managing several commercial clients in addition to her regular residential clients. Prior to that she had worked in customer service and operated a home based day-care business. Maureen enjoys meeting people and helping them achieve a sense of harmony as they come home from a busy day at work.


Steve is the Chief Operations Officer for the company. He studied agricultural economics at The Ohio State University. He manages the day to day operations for Swept Away Cleaning. In addition to his duties here, he holds the position of Production Director for The Chapel in Akron, Ohio. He is addicted to Twizzlers.


Emily is the office manager for Swept Away. She is a graduate of Ashland University with a degree in Business Administration. She handles payroll, scheduling and assists with HR and accounting. Prior to Swept Away Cleaning, she worked as an administrative assistant for an Ohio based office solutions firm. She has also worked as a barista for several upscale coffee shops and enjoys helping people find ways to relax.


Brittany has been cleaning for Swept Away since 2013. She has been in the cleaning and STNA field for over 10 years. Brittany is a field supervisor for Swept Away. She is also a certified medical assistant. She oversees training for employees and meets regularly with clients to ensure quality control. Brittany enjoys working with clients to make their lives easier and give them a sense of tranquility when they are home.


Alyssa joined the Swept Away Cleaning team in 2021. As the daughter of Brittany, and the granddaughter of Steve and Maureen, Alyssa is now the 3rd generation to be involved in the family business! She has been taught to clean by Brittany and says she keeps her room much cleaner than her brother and sister. Alyssa enjoys cleaning and likes the feeling of relieving the stress of cleaning for you when you arrive home.


Jami has been with Swept Away Cleaning since 2021. She holds a supervisor position on a production line full-time and has an associate’s degree in accounting. Jami primarily cleans several commercial office accounts. She enjoys being neat and organized. It is her passion to provide a pleasant work environment for her clients.


Jeff has been with Swept Away Cleaning since 2019. A navy veteran, Jeff has worked in the retail world, including many years at Blockbuster Video. In addition to Swept Away Cleaning, he currently works for the Mansfield/Richland County Public Library. Jeff takes great pride in his work and enjoys completing a job so that he can see and appreciate the final result.


Jenny has been with Swept Away Cleaning since 2019. Prior to Swept Away, she worked in manufacturing and fast food. But she says working in the cleaning industry has been her passion and she enjoys the time spent with her fellow cleaning technicians. 


Kathleen has been a member of the Swept Away family since 2021. She has many years of experience as a professional colorist and has worked for several high end salons. She enjoys getting out of the house and seeing the fruit of her work as she helps families keep their homes in sparkling condition.


Monica has been with Swept Away Cleaning since 2022. Monica has had prior experience working with our team and went on to do nanny work for several years. She came back to us because she enjoys the laid-back, family atmosphere and enjoys cleaning. She likes to help others enjoy their free time after a long day at work.


Sharon has been with Swept Away Cleaning since 2019. Prior to Swept Away, she worked in housekeeping at a senior living community and also worked in the cafeteria at Madison Schools. She enjoys cleaning, making things look nice and she loves to see people smile.


Steve has been with Swept Away Cleaning since 2021. Steve provides cleaning for several commercial office clients. He also works as a supervisor for a local automotive service company. He takes great pride in his work and wants his clients to see and enjoy the fruits of his labor.